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Caring For Yourself and Your Ailing Spouse in San Diego CA

Spouses Face Challenges in Caring for Themselves and Their Ailing Partners

Caring for a sick or disabled elderly relative exacts a toll — physical, emotional, financial — on any family member, but being a spousal caregiver brings particular challenges.

“Spouses are older and dealing with their own age-related health limitations,” says Steven H. Zarit, a Pennsylvania State University gerontologist. The tasks they shoulder have grown more demanding: Family caregivers now administer arsenals of medications and undertake procedures, from wound care to dialysis, that were once the province of medical professionals.

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Can Exercise Keep San Diego CA Seniors Mentally Sharp?

A growing body of evidence links exercise and mental acuity

I do some of my best writing on the run. I mean literally. When the words won’t come, when the syntax doesn’t feel right, when I just can’t figure out what angle to take on a column, I’ll often go for a good, hard run.

And usually it works. With the sweat pouring and lungs working overtime, the mental fog lifts. I make connections I hadn’t seen earlier. How to be clear becomes, well, a little more clear.

If you work out routinely, I bet you’ve had the same experience. Three researchers I interviewed for this story say they have achieved it regularly, on a treadmill, on outdoor runs and on a bicycle, respectively. A couple of studies seem to confirm it.

The tantalizing question for those of us in middle age and beyond (I am 52) is whether this short-term cognitive benefit can be replicated over the long haul. Can exercise help keep our minds sharp? And if so, can it help delay or prevent the truly terrifying mental deterioration of dementia, most commonly seen as Alzheimer’s disease?

Researchers studying both animals and humans increasingly say the answer is yes.

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Activities for Parents with Dementia in San Diego, California

My Elderly Parent Has Dementia: What Activities Can We Do Together?

by Emilee Seltzer

Caregivers for the elderly with dementia often find that coming up with activities for the elder can require much thought and effort. But they are vital to your parent’s health and well-being. Creating activities can really be quite simple if you follow some general guidelines.

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Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient in San Diego, California

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‘Tough Love’ – Caregiving For Alzheimer’s Patients

It is an understatement to say that taking care of a loved one who is stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease, also known as ‘AD’, is a tough job.

(AD is an illness which results in the progressive loss of brain nerve cells, leading to a gradual decline of mental functions and is the most common cause of dementia).

AD is considered to be among the most stressful illness a family caregiver can face and one of the most physically and mentally exhausting situations in a person’s life.

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