How To Handle An Elderly Parents Bad Behavior in La Mesa CA

How To Handle An Elderly Parents Bad Behavior

"My mother is driving me crazy!" 

This phrase is uttered (or screamed) by caregivers everywhere who are caring for elderly parents. As if they didn’t have enough to do, caregivers often have to deal with bad behavior by their elderly parents.

The message boards are filled with stories of demanding elderly parents, personality changes, hallucinations, temper tantrums?even abuse. We’ve compiled the top 10 bad behaviors that elderly parents exhibit, along with some tips for coping with them.

Bad behavior #1: Rage, anger, yelling

Age and illness can intensify longstanding personality traits in some unpleasant ways: An irritable person may become enraged, an impatient person demanding and impossible to please. Unfortunately, the person taking care of the elderly parent is often the target.

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