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Home Care San Diego CA: Expert Panel Highlights Capacity of Home Care to Improve Health Systems

Expert Panel Highlights Capacity of Home Care to Improve Health Systems

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 8, 2010) – Following the release of the RAND Corporation’s report on issues and challenges facing home healthcare, a panel discussion was held today in effort to facilitate movement forward with this new knowledge. Royal Philips Corporation, which commissioned the RAND study, hosted the discussion at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Read the report here.

Panelist Richard D. Brennan, Jr., M.A., Deputy Director of Government Affairs for the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) and Director of NAHC’s affiliate Home Care Technology Association of America (HCTAA), spoke at the event and set the stage of the present state of home healthcare and where it is headed. Right now, 33,000 home health care providers deliver healthcare to 12 million Americans annually and are recognized for providing high quality, cost effective care.

“The best way to thrive in a changing environment is to facilitate the change,” said Val J. Halamandaris, President of NAHC. “This industry is quick to adapt current technology offerings to patient care, case in point, 78% of home heath care providers utilize e-practice management systems and 64% use point of care systems.”

Care of the current and upcoming aging populations is of special concern as people are living longer with chronic diseases. Utilization of home care could diminish the need for some hospital visits and reduce rehospitalizations of chronically ill patients; maintaining the comfort of some patients, lowering bed days at hospitals and creating an environment for more efficient care. A number of the panelists today stressed that patients want to be in their homes rather than being institutionalized.

Source: National Association for Home Care and Hospice
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Planning Holidays with Elderly Parents in San Diego CA

Planning Holidays with Elderly Parents

With celebrations coming, you have time to plan for holidays with elderly parents. Obviously you’re preoccupied with making sure all the details are in place, meals, gifts, guests. Don’t forget that this is a great opportunity to check on your aging parents in a new way.

I would not advocate heavy duty conversations during your time at home. Sitting at the family dinner and saying, “So Mom, when are you moving out…” may not be the best for digestion!

Use this time for being together, for celebrating and NOT raising the anxiety level of your mother and the rest of the family. But you can still get a lot done to equip you for the important talks that you will need to have next.

What to check on. What to look for.

Take the time to really look at your folks. It may have been a while since you’ve seen them, and things have changed. You need to be able to take in what’s different. Of, course you’d rather imagine that things are the same as they always have been and always will be, but now is the best time to look closely and take it all in.

Things HAVE changed. Our minds are trained not to notice what we’re not looking for. Rather than looking for all the evidence that things haven’t changed — be open to noticing what’s different. Your aging parents may not be able or willing to tell you. Some changes happen so gradually, that they may not have noticed themselves.

These things don’t require immediate conversation, or even to be commented on at the moment. Be deliberate about your observations. Make a mental note, and then jot down what you’ve seen at the end of the day.

  • What’s different? What’s new?
  • How are they really doing?
  • What might be in disrepair?
  • What could you help with?
  • What can you encourage?
  • What can you support?

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Aging Parents in San Diego CA

Buy, Buy Love: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Aging Parents
by Joy Loverde

With decades of birthdays and holidays gone by, who isn’t stumped when it comes to knowing what gifts to buy aging parents and other elderly loved ones?  By now, they’ve received their fair share of neckties and slippers, and there’s a good chance they already have everything they want and need.

Time is a precious commodity; few of us can afford to spend hours of shopping for the perfect gift, and overspending on unwanted and unneeded items.  Besides, what is treasured by older adults is spending quality time together and gifts that relay loving messages that they are special and thought of and cared about each day.

As a way to touch the heart and soul of the people who mean so much to you, here are a few gift ideas that are sure to make that happen:

  • Go back to school. Learning something new is twice the fun when you do it together. Adult education classes offer a variety of learning opportunities — from exploring ancient history and learning the computer or a new language, to arts and crafts. Spend time together taking a class.
  • Picture this. Offer to organize their photograph collection. Buy new photo albums and photo boxes, and spend a few afternoons looking at the photos together as you put them in order.
  • Write on. Give a small decorative box of stationary cards and stamped envelopes, and offer to be their personal secretary. Let them dictate letters to friends and family as you write down their thoughts and mail the letters in their behalf.
  • Sing-a-long. Attend sing-along events at movie theaters, community events and college musical venues. Singing and harmony is always fun. If they have trouble leaving the house, buy or rent a karaoke system.
  • Lead the way. Offer to chauffer your elders down memory lane by driving them around neighborhood streets and familiar places that hold special meaning for them. Pack a healthy picnic basket and enjoy the sights as you munch away.

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The Advantages Of Elderly Home Care In San Diego CA

Elderly Home Care – The Advantages
By:Bob Kohut

In many ways we are now experiencing a “perfect storm” which is making elderly home care the only viable choice for taking care of many our seniors.  With declining incomes coupled with rising expenses and a rapidly aging population, retirement communities and assisted living centers are being priced beyond the reach of many.

There are many ways to provide elderly home care – from retrofitting the home for safety to hiring professional in-home care givers.  As with many things in life there is both an upside and a downside to elderly home care.  Let’s first look at the major advantages:

  1. Allows seniors to maintain their independence.
  2. Fosters a sense of continuity of living.
  3. Preserves social networks.

To many seniors nothing is more important than maintaining their independence.  They chafe at any suggestion they may need help taking care of themselves and adamantly refuse to consider any options other than staying where they are.  Proper elderly home care lets them hang on to that all important sense of independence.  They don’t want to be a bother to their children and living at home lets them feel better about themselves and their situation.

Continuity of Living
Familiarity with their surroundings – from the home itself to the neighborhood parks, stores, and other amenities – actually promotes better mental health and a general sense of well-being.  Adapting to a changed environment can be difficult at any stage in life and it is even more of a challenge for seniors.

In addition, there is evidence that allowing seniors to relive pleasant memories of their past is a healthy thing.  It is far easier for Mom or Dad or Grandma or Grandpa to engage in pleasant reveries of Christmases past in the rooms where the events actually took place.

Social Network
Many seniors remain engaged with their neighbors and participate in community activities long after their own children have fled the nest.  If your seniors love to sit on their front porch and engage in friendly conversation with the neighborhood children as they walk by, losing that sense of social belonging can be a stressful event.

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