When Your Loved One Resists Care in San Diego CA

When Your Loved One Resists Care in San Diego CA
by Rich O’Boyle, Publisher

“How many times has your mother refused to change her clothes? Has your father resisted getting out of bed? Has your wife pushed you away when you tried to brush her teeth? Many times a caregiver will be particularly frustrated by her loved one’s refusal to help himself. At times she can’t help but think that the person she cares for "36 hours a day" is going out of his way to make her miserable! The increasing irrationality of individuals with dementia makes it even harder on the caregiver.”

When your loved one resists care, step back calmly and think:

  • Are there any environmental factors such as lighting, shadows, noise, commotion or other external influences that are causing the problem now?
  • Before you say something, think about what you are going to say. Check your emotions and frustration before you speak. Your increased frustration can contribute to your loved one’s agitation.
  • Put yourself in her shoes. Use your knowledge of her personal background to pinpoint patterns and reasons for her reaction.
  • Is this confrontation worth escalating? Choose your battles wisely. A head-to-toe bath is not necessary every day or even more than once each week. Similarly, clothes do not have to be changed every day if they are not soiled.

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