Care Management

Womanwithmom… understanding and respecting your wishes

Quality service depends on understanding and respecting your wishes. Your personal Care Coordinator will assist you, your loved ones and your caregiver during your time with us.

Personal Care Coordinator Services

  1. Caregiver Selection – Your personal Care Coordinator studies your plan of care and takes special consideration to select a caregiver who specifically meets your expectations, care needs, and approval.
  2. Ongoing assistance – Your Care Coordinator will work with you, your caregiver(s), and/or your loved ones concerning schedule arrangements, transportation needs, and any other assistance you may request.
  3. Ongoing communication – Your personal Care Coordinator will help manage your care by communicating with you, approved loved ones, eldercare professionals, and your caregiver on an ongoing basis to assure our care services are meeting your needs and help initiate any changes that may be necessary to your plan of care.
  4. Quality Assurance – Care Coordinators support and supervise our caregivers to help them meet and exceed your expectations.