Care Supervision

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Quality service is supported by our unparalleled dependability. Our field supervisors are highly trained and experienced individuals with a gift for putting people at ease.

Field Supervisor Services

  1. Getting Started at home – Age Advantage field supervisors assist with your initial introduction to home care. Your field supervisor will meet you in your home to make sure that everything from groceries, prescription needs, to the arrival of medical equipment is accomplished.
  2. Ongoing visits – Our field supervisors are responsible for visiting your home to assure you are receiving the best of care and to offer support to your caregiver.
  3. Ongoing Training – Field supervisors are available for any additional training that may be necessary to meet any changing care needs you or your loved ones are facing.
  4. Caring for you – Our field supervisors also give care in urgent staffing situations so you or your loved ones are never left without a caregiver unless you request otherwise