… a personalized plan of care


Quality service depends on a personalized plan of care. Our client consultants take special care and time to get to know you. They understand the challenges you and your loved ones are facing and help guide you through a series of questions to assess your care needs. To further personalize your plan of care, special attention is given to your family dynamics, values, and preferences to use in the caregiver selection process.

Client Consultant Services

  1. Comprehensive plan of care – An Age Advantage client consultant together with you, your loved ones and/or eldercare professionals, discuss and compile a unique, comprehensive plan of care.
  2. Complimentary home evaluation – A complimentary home evaluation is conducted to provide you with safety recommendations.
  3. Meet your requests – Your client consultant is available to help contact and arrange other services you request.
  4. Updates your plan of care – Your client consultant routinely communicates with you and/or your loved ones to ensure your satisfaction and to update your plan of care if necessary.